Strategies To Boost Your SEO Results With Video & More

Strategies To Boost Your SEO Results With Video & MoreStudies reveal that 18 percent of individuals spend less than five seconds on a website. However, they are prepared to spend at least 3 minutes viewing a video on the internet – and this is one of the reasons that SEO SEM Professionals is so into video and media content. You can learn more about this company at the SEO SEM Professionals Yelp Page, they’re an established Online Marketing Firm.






Bearing in mind that the average Television commercial is 10 – 30 seconds long, consider what you can accomplish with an increased attention span of 3 minutes of video engagement. There is no doubt that video is a powerful; however it makes no sense to create powerful videos that do not get watched. Here are a few tips to enhance your video SEO results and ultimately get more targeted traffic to your site.






1. Use Video to Provide New Info and Solve Problems




To ensure that your video ranks high for your specific keyword or key phrases, you have to provide fantastic content that provides new information or solves problems. The amazing thing is that quality content is usually not expensive or difficult to create.






2. Utilize Interactive Video Features to Connect With Your Target Audience




For each video that someone views, there is a possibility to call that individual to action or direct him/her to the next rational step. Interactive video features like quizzes, surveys, forms and in-video links enable you to interrupt your audience at important periods and get them to take action. If, for example, you create a video that explains how to use your app, you can utilize in-video interactions to link your audience directly to the area in your app where he/she can practice what they’ve learned. The company Iowa City SEO is huge on this practice.






3. Create Videos That Are Viewer Friendly




Group your video assets together and produce an easy to use video resource area where your audience can find your content easily. Create your video gallery or portal with tags and categories so that viewers can easily locate what they are searching for as well as move between videos effortlessly.






4. Use Transcriptions for Indexing




Transcriptions can greatly impact your rankings in search engine results. To unlock the material within your online videos, you will need to insert video transcripts directly to the HTML of every web page that your videos are embedded or hosted. Transcripts give your audience the choice to read the video if they cannot listen to a particular time, while offering the key phrase richness that a search engine requires. In addition, transcriptions are extremely beneficial in producing extra content or material for your videos. You can utilize a transcription as the foundation for a blog article that links to your video resource website.






5. Your Videos should be hosted on your Website




Hosting your videos on your domain is one very important thing you can do to obtain more SEO benefit from your videos. Vimeo and YouTube are important; however it is very important that your videos are hosted on your website.






6. Create a Video Sitemap




Having a correctly configured video sitemap is essential in order to ensure an effective video SEO. Every entry within your video sitemap should contain a link to a video’s landing page. This is why the video gallery or video resource site is very important.






7. Utilize YouTube to Preview Top quality content and Attract Targeted Visitors to Your Website




YouTube is an excellent place to create awareness for your content. It is an awareness medium that should be a component of your marketing strategy. Nevertheless, you should approach this channel like an obligatory layover. Regard it as only a fast stop on the way to your last destination – your video gallery setup on your website.






8. Allow Other People to Add Your Videos on Their Websites




As you produce fantastic videos, let other users add your content to their work. By simplifying the process of adding your videos in their websites, you are increasing the likelihood of additional inbound links to your site. This is obviously an SEO gain.






9. Assess How Keywords or Key Phrases Impact Your Effectiveness




Lastly, always begin with your ultimate goal in mind. While designing your video search engine optimization tactic, do not forget to create a tracking system that will help you monitor the effectiveness of your new tactic. At times, monitoring is an integral component of your video medium or analytics software; at times this is customized code that IT or engineering will create; however it should always reveal the number of individuals who found the video through search or social media, and monitor those contacts via your content tactic to closure.






The number of videos being published on the World Wide Web is huge. If you wish to increase the accessibility and visibility of your videos, you can achieve that by utilizing video SEO.






If you want to look more into general practices, make sure to check out SEO SEM Professionals. They are a well-known company with tons of credibility when it comes to Local SEO in Jackson MS, National SEO, Video SEO, Inbound Marketing and Social Media Management and we can’t recommend them enough!






Hopefully, this article helped you out with some good suggestions. We look forward to updating you again soon.


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